Flight training in Northern Nevada

with Trygve Inda, CFI/CFII

Flight Training in Reno, Nevada

Learn to fly in the high desert of Northern Nevada with an experienced instructor.

I have extensive real-world flying experience, having flown GA aircraft in 42 US states and nine foreign countries. If you fly with me, you'll be flying with someone who has been in the "system" and hasn't spent the last thousand hours doing laps around the pattern at the local airport.

Whether you are looking for a new certificate, need a Flight Review, just want to shoot some approaches, or need help moving your aircraft across the country, I can help get you there.

  • Flight and Ground training from a qualified instructor (CFI/CFII, AGI/IGI).
  • Training tailored to your needs, frequency, and style of learning.
  • Fly with someone who learned to fly in the challenging conditions of Reno.
  • Multiple coast-to-coast flights.

I am happy to train you in your aircraft (depending on type), or I will help you get established with NV Flight, a flight school on the west side of the Reno-Tahoe International Airport where I do most of my training.


The vast majority of my local flight training is with NV Flight out of Reno (KRNO). When using your aircraft, Stead (KRTS) and other locations are possible, depending on your situation.

Destinations & Trips

I am availble for cross-country training trips to states bordering Nevada or repositioning flights with dual-training (insurance checkouts, aircraft purchase, etc.) anywhere in the USA with reasonable advanced notice.


I have High-Performance, Complex, and Tailwheel endorsements. Training in your aircraft depends on the specific type, the installed avionics, and other factors. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.


I carry professional CFI liability insurance. If we are training in your aircraft, I need a waiver of subrogation from your insurance carrier and/or to be listed as a named pilot on your policy.


My standard rate for ground or flight instruction in your aircraft is $80/hr. Rates for Flight Reviews and IPCs may vary. When using a flight school aircraft, their prevailing instructor rates will apply. A daily rate is available for multi-day repositioning instructional trips.


Training Programs


To earn a Private Pilot Certificate, the FAA requires 40 hours of flight training, though the national average is about 65 hours. Key requirements include:

  • 3 hours of cross-country flight training.
  • 3 hours of instrument flight training.
  • 10 hours of solo flight time.
  • One solo cross-country flight with full-stop landings at three points, with one segment of more than 50nm.

Reference: 61.109 and Private ACS


To earn an Instrument Rating, you will need 50 hours of cross-country time as PIC. Key requirements include:

  • 40 hours actual or simulated instrument time.
  • 15 of these hours must be with a CFII.
  • One 250nm trip under a filed IFR flight plan, with instrument approaches at three different airports, using three different kinds of navigational aids (typically VOR, ILS, and GPS).

Reference: 61.65 and Instrument ACS


To earn a Commercial Pilot Certificate, you will need 250 hours total time. Key requirements include:

  • 20 hours total training time.
  • 10 hours training in complex or TAA aircraft.
  • One 2-hour day dual cross-country flight.
  • One 2-hour night dual cross-country flight.
  • 5 hours of solo VFR flight at night.
  • One 300nm solo trip with landings at three airports.

Reference: 61.129 and Commercial ACS

Flight Review

A Flight Review, formerly called a Biennial Flight Review (BFR), is required every 24 calendar months and must include a minimum of 1-hour ground training and 1-hour flight training. The length of your review will depend on your experience level and currency.

  • Training areas are at the discretion of your CFI.
  • Content is tailored to the type of flying you do.
  • CFI acts as both an evaluator and trainer.
  • A new certificate or rating counts as a Flight Review.
  • You must demonstrate the safe exercise of the privileges of your pilot certificate.

Reference: 61.56 and Advisory Circular 61-98D


An Instrument Proficiency Check is required when one has failed to maintain currency for more than 6 months. The content of an IPC is specified in the Appendix to the Instrument ACS and consists of the following:

  • Holding procedures
  • Recovery from unusual flight attitudes
  • Intercepting/tracking navigational systems and arcs
  • Precision and non-precision approaches
  • Circling, missed and partial-panel approaches
  • Landing from an instrument approach
  • Checking instruments and equipment

Reference: 61.57(d) and Instrument ACS

Other Services

Custom-tailored flight training is available to meet a wide variety of needs. Please get in touch to discuss your specific requirements.

  • Insurance checkouts
  • Training in newly-purchased aircraft
  • Aircraft delivery and training trips
  • High-Performance Endorsements
  • Complex Endorsements
  • Mountain Fight Training
  • Local area familiarization
  • And more...

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About Me



I am a commercial pilot and CFI/CFII with more than 1,600 hours flying experience. I grew up in an airline family at Lake Tahoe and later lived in Europe and the Middle East. In 2012, I became hooked on aviation while flying a Cessna 182 around southern Africa with friends. Since then, I've flown my Piper Dakota to places as far away as Guatemala and Maine.

"I am passionate about introducing people to aviation and helping them grow into skilled aviators. With my extensive real-world flying experience, I can help you earn your private, instrument, and commercial certificates."

Hours of flight experience throughout the United States and nine foreign countries.

Hours of training (flight/ground) with private, instrument and commercial students.

Years of flying experience in more than 20 different types of aircraft.

Years old and not headed to the airlines. An aircraft owner for 9 years, and semi-retired.

• Commercial Pilot (CPL)

• Certified Flight Instructor (CFI/CFII)

• Certified Ground Instructor (AGI/IGI)

• NV Flight, Assistant Chief Pilot

• FAASTeam Representative

• EAA Chapter 1361, IMC Club Program Coordinator

• Reno-Tahoe Aviation Group, Director

• Member of AOPA, EAA, SAFE

• Aircraft owner since 2015

Trygve Inda

Flight Instructor

One of the most rewarding things as an instructor is seeing an instrument student put all the pieces together, fly an approach through the clouds, and pop out with a runway all lit up right in front of them.



Piper Cherokee 180

$185/hr wet @ NV Flight

Piper Cherokee 180

$180/hr wet @ NV Flight

Piper Cherokee 180

$180/hr wet @ NV Flight

Your Aircraft

Piper, Cessna, Beechcraft, etc.
* All prices subject to change without notice.


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